Milica refuses to stay silent!

17 November 2020

For Milica Marjanović it was a regular daily commute in Belgrade, until she witnessed a Romani couple being assaulted by a far-right thug on the bus. Putting herself in danger, she stood up for the couple against the attacker and later to the police. She has since become the accidental protagonist of the viral story that emerged in the media immediately after.


Ethel Brooks: We should learn the lessons of the past

21 August 2020

Ethel Brooks is the ERRC's Board Chair and a Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Sociology at Rutgers University in the USA.

April 8th International Roma Day

08 April 2020

This year our communities face even unprecedented challenges and difficulties, as the COVID-19 crises rages. We asked ERRC human rights monitors from different countries what it is like to stay at home when you live in a marginalised and segregated neighbourhood.

Interview with Nils Muižnieks Commissioner for Human Rights

22 March 2018

After his country visit to Slovakia in March 2018, we caught up with Commissioner Nils Muižnieks to hear about his conclusions on the state of Roma Rights in Slovakia, and Europe today.

#RISC Roma in State Care

20 November 2017

Romani children are significantly over-represented in state care in many European countries, where Roma often represent over 80% of all children in care.

#BetterTogether: Stop School Segregation of Roma

13 November 2017

On the tenth anniversary of the landmark case D.H. & Others v. Czech Republic, the ERRC revisited successful desegregation cases in Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic...

Macron Election Call Out

05 May 2017


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