Continuing Violence against Czech Roma

16 December 2004

According to the Czech national daily newspaper Lidové Noviny of May 20, 2004, a group of ethnic Czech youths from the northern Moravian town of Opava attacked with iron bars three Roma in the eastern Czech town of Krnov on May 7, 2004. At the time of the attack, 20-year-old Ms Judit Toračová, 16-year-old Milan Tökoli, and 16-year-old and pregnant Martina Tokárová were practising driving in an open space near a dump when the three attackers, wearing balaclavas, attacked them and hit their vehicle with bars. As a result of the attack, Ms Toračová sustained an injury to the back of her neck, where she was hit with an iron bar, and Milan Tökoli sustained bruises and scratches. Ms Tokárová was uninjured. Damage to the car was estimated at 5,000 Czech crowns (approximately 160 Euro). The daily reported that the police were treating the assault as having been planned in advance and racially motivated. Three youths had reportedly been charged in accordance with Articles 196(2) (violence against a group of citizens or individuals with a racial motive) and 202 (disturbing the peace). According to the online news source Romano Vodi of August 4, 2004, seven people had been charged in connection with the attack.

(ERRC, Lidové Noviny, Romano Vodi)


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