Horizontal Rule "Nomad" Women Need not Apply for Pregnancy Support

10 July 2002

On November 4, 2001, the national daily newspaper Il Manifesto reported that city council members in the town of Piacenza in north central Italy, had proposed a measure to grant financial assistance to pregnant women who decide not to have an abortion. Il Manifesto further reported that immigrant and “nomad” women would be excluded from applying for such financial assistance, should the measure be adopted. During a telephone interview with the ERRC on March 19, 2002, city council member Ms Giovanna Calciati of the Left Democrats Party said that the proposal required women to be “Italian citizens and live in a house or apartment.” Ms Calciati also stated that Northern League Party representatives on the city council openly campaigned in the city and in the council to exclude “nomads” from reaping the benefits. Roma are frequently referred to as “nomads” in Italy. The Northern League Party is vocally anti-Romani and anti-immigrant. Further information on the human rights situation of Roma in Italy can be found on the ERRC Internet website at: www.errc.org

(ERRC, Il Manifesto)


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