Roma Refused Service in Bar in Moldova

19 June 2007

According to information received by the ERRC from the Moldovan Romani organisation Tarna Rom, 6 Roma were refused entrance to a bar called Paradis in the town of Riscani on 15 May 2007. The 6 Roma - A.B., A.B., M.B., N.B., E.P. and V.F. - attempted to enter the bar at 5:12 PM on the day in question. According to Tarna Rom, after 5 minutes a waitress named Iuliu approached the group and informed them that she could not serve them. When asked why she could not serve them, the waitress responded that her boss did not allow Roma to be served in his establishment. The discriminatory decision of the bar owner was reportedly made following a fight between several Roma and non-Roma, which the Roma refused service on the day in question were not involved in. A bartender reportedly confirmed the decision of the owner.

Tarna Rom informed the ERRC that it had sent the team of Roma to Paradis after having received complaints that the bar did not serve Roma. The Tarna Rom team was accompanied by a journalist from the Balti-based news agency Deca-Press, who witnessed the bar staff refuse to serve the group. As of 22 May, Tarna Rom was considering filing a legal complaint against the owner of Paradis.

(Tarna Rom)


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