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Roma Rights 2 2015: Nothing About Us Without Us? Roma Participation in Policy Making and Knowledge Production

7th, December, 2015

The new journal issue focuses on the development of Roma civil society and Roma participation in policy-making and knowledge-production processes. It has grown out of a unique three-day gathering of Roma and pro-Roma activists and thinkers held in Budapest in October 2014. Following the structure of the workshop, the journal issue contains critical papers by established and emerging activists and scholars in three sections: (1) activism and civil society; (2) knowledge production; (3) alliances with gender and LGBT movements.

The first section is dedicated to the critical reflections on the previous decades of Roma civil society struggle, but also to think about future directions. The second section examines the need for new directions and debates in the field of knowledge production: there is a growing mood that greater emphasis should be given to research ‘for’ and ‘with’ Roma communities through community-based and participatory research. Proposals are made on a research which facilitates community voices to be heard and actively involves them in all stages of the research process. The third section deals with the role of Feminism and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) minorities within the Romani movement. Feminist and LGBT activists are great resources and allies, who have developed amazing strengths in their battles to overcome not just racism but also sexism and homophobia.

Such bridging and outward forms of social, cultural and sexual identity capital need to be reflected in the development of the Romani Movement, which should seek to build broad intersectional alliances across Roma communities and constituencies, incorporating not only interests but solidarity and altruism.

Editors: Mária Bogdán, Jekatyerina Dunajeva, Tímea Junghaus, Angéla Kóczé, Márton Rövid, Iulius Rostas, Andrew Ryder, Marek Szilvási, Marius Taba

Authors: Thomas Acton, Daniel Baker, Mária Bogdán, Ethel Brooks, Sarah Cemlyn, Anna Csilla Daróczi, Máté Dezső, Katya Dunajeva, Jelena Jovanovic, Tímea Junghaus, Marett Katalin Klahn, Angéla Kóczé, Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Florin Nasture, Márton Rövid, Iulius Rostas, Rumyan Russinov, Andrew Ryder, Marek Szilvási, Marius Taba, Violeta Vajda

Roma Rights 2 2015 (PDF)

Nothing About Us Without Us?

On Roma Civil Society, Roma Inclusion, and Roma Participation

The Gypsy Council – Approaching 50 Years of Struggle

The Roma Movement in Bulgaria after the Political Transformation in 1989

Changing the Paradigm of Roma inclusion: From Gypsy industry to active citizenship

The Roma Spring: Knowledge Production and the Search for a New Humanity

Romani Studies and emerging Romani scholarship

Towards ‘Critical Whiteness’ in Romani Studies

The Importance of Feminists and ‘Halfies’ in Romani Studies: New Epistemological Possibilities

Knowing Differently: On Thinking and Doing ‘Roma’

Challenging Perspectives – The Role of Media Representation in Knowledge Production about Roma

LGBTQIA, Feminism and Romani Studies

Still Missing Intersectionality: The relevance of feminist methodologies in the struggle for the rights of Roma

Speaking from the Margins

The Queer Gypsy

Faced with Multiple ‘Values’ - From the Perspective of the Roma LGBTQ Community

“They become stigmatised in their own family” - Interview with a Roma LGBTQ activist David Tišer

Appendix: Nothing About Us Without Us? – Programme of the Workshop held 11-13 October 2014 in Budapest

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