Roma Rights 4, 2000: Racism: denial and acknowledgement

05 December 2000

The ERRC works to end racism. We “fight” racism, to use the clumsy metaphor. In doing so, we tilt at shadows, aiming to bring to an end phenomena hard to grasp and actions the symbolic content of which is frequently disputed. We are joined in this “struggle” by the Czech Republic, which, like all other European states with the exception of Andorra, Ireland and Turkey, has converted the commitment to end racism to legal obligation by ratifying the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. In this work, either states aspire to real race-blindness in their own affairs and abandon documenting race once and for all; or states engage to determine discriminatory patterns by gathering data to use in the service of ending discriminatory practices. Lying about the existence of registries, however, stinks.


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