Youths kill Romani women in Bulgaria

15 July 1999

According to the Bulgarian daily 24 Chasa of June 19 and information provided by the Sofia-based organisation Human Rights Project, four minors were arrested in Sofia on June 18 for the brutal murder on June 15 of a 33-year-old Romani woman. The boys, two of whom are 16-years-old and two of whom are 15-years-old, had finished school that day and went to the local skating ramp, where they drank beer and vodka in celebration of the end of the school year and their graduation from the eighth class of elementary school. At around 8:00 pm, they reportedly came upon a group of younger children who were provoking a Romani woman, 33-year-old Nadezda Dimitrova. They joined the group, and three of the boys hit her and kicked her in the head repeatedly. The fourth boy reportedly stood and watched. The woman died on the spot. The three youths reportedly left the scene of the crime, but returned several minutes later to kick Ms Dimitrova again, after she had already died. The principal defendant, D.P., did not deny the murder when arrested. As of July 8, three suspects were in custody and an investigation had been opened. Preliminary results of the investigation placed the blame on one of the three youths in particular, who had confessed to the killing. Officials have not released the names of any of the suspects, as they are minors. Charges are not expected until the end of July.

(24 Chasa, HRP)


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