The ERRC has set in motion more than 500 court cases in 15 countries to bring to justice state and non-state actors who have discriminated against Romani individuals or have committed violence against them. It has secured over 2 million EUR in compensation for Romani individuals for the abuse they have suffered and the subsequent failure of their respective governments to ensure justice.

The ERRC engages in strategic litigation seeking to reverse patterns of human rights abuse and discrimination against Roma. ERRC legal work aims to empower Roma through law and strengthen the network of legal advocates working on behalf of Roma.

The ERRC is active in both domestic and international litigation. The ERRC supports local lawyers in domestic legal proceedings both professionally and financially. When domestic remedies are exhausted, the ERRC prepares legal submissions to international tribunals, including the European Court of Human Rights, the European Committee of Social Rights and UN treaty bodies.

The ERRC is currently involved in 67 cases in 14 States (at domestic and European levels), and is following up the implementation of judgments in another 7 cases. The charts below show where the ERRC is litigating and which thematic priorities (from our 2013-2017 programme strategy) those cases concern.


In addition to these cases, the ERRC is currently considering whether it is or may become appropriate to bring litigation in another 48 cases. The ERRC chooses which cases to litigate in line with its programme strategy. 

The information on this page is correct as of 22 April 2014.

The ERRC Seeks Consultants (Researchers) for a Right to Water Project in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, Macedonia and France

3 September 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is recruiting five consultants to assist the ERRC on a part-time basis in its research and advocacy activities in a cross-country right to water project.

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ERRC Seeks Legal Officer for Italy

19 August 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) invites applications for the post of Legal Officer (Italy). The Legal Officer will be responsible, under the supervision of the Legal Director, for overseeing the ERRC’s strategic litigation work in Italy (...)


ERRC Seeks Legal Trainee


The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) seeks a legal trainee familiar with the legal system of one of the non EU Member States in which the ERRC is active to assist in litigating Roma rights, ethnic/race discrimination and related cases in domestic, European and international tribunals.

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Extended Deadline for the Gender Equality Research Fellows

14 August 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre invites applications for its 2014 Gender Equality Research Fellows. The Gender Equality Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for interested researchers and activists to conduct research on gender equality issues.

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