Romani Children Talk About Access to Education in France

30 July 2014

Romani Children Talk About Access to Education in France

In 2013, the ERRC launched a participatory research and advocacy project focusing on the human rights of Romanian Roma living in informal settlements in France. Working in three different regions in France on two settlements in each location, 118 adults were interviewed. Of the information collected, the most unsettling regarding human rights was the situation of Romani children and access to education as well as their psychological well-being due to frequent forced evictions.

Many Romani children living on illicit settlements are refused access to education by local authorities, or put on waiting lists for school that could last up to a year. The ERRC and Voyageurs Créateurs set out to capture testimonials from children; those still waiting for a place in school, those who are now in school after being put on waiting lists, and those who were directly enrolled without complications. This video tells their story.

With English subtitles:  


With French subtitles: 


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