Slovakia Mishandled Racist Murders of Roma by Off-Duty Cop

11 December 2018

Budapest 11 December 2018: The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the investigation, prosecution and trial of a racist police officer who murdered three Romani family members in Hurbanovo, Slovakia was inadequate. The court found that the prosecution of the case did not adequately expose and deal with the racist motivation for the murders. The two survivors of the attack who took their case to court were awarded €50 000 in damages.

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Roma Rights Organisations Respond to EU Inclusion Plans

06 December 2018

Brussels, 6 December 2018: Today, a coalition of more than fifteen Romani and anti-racism civil society organisations from across Europe called for the Council of the European Union, and governments of European countries, to make a clear commitment to the new proposals for post-2020 Roma Inclusion plans made by the European Commission in its communication to the European Parliament and Council yesterday.

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04 December 2018

Budapest 4 December 2018: The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that publishers who share hyperlinks on the internet cannot be held liable for the content of those hyperlinks. The judgment is being hailed by publishers of online content as a breakthrough for internet freedom and came after Roma called out racist football hooligans for intimidating Romani children at a school in Hungary.

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Macedonian Court Rules Against Swimming Pool for Discriminating Against Roma

19 November 2018

Budapest 19 November 2018: The Basic Court in Bitola, Macedonia has ruled that a swimming pool in the city directly discriminated against a Romani man by denying him entry to the pool in the summer of 2017 on account of his ethnicity. The Court has ordered Dovledzik swimming pool to cease the practice of denying entry to Roma, and pay a fine of 60,000 Macedonian Denars (€977) to Fikri Jasharov, the 37-year-old Romani man who sued them with the support of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC).

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ERRC Ends Discriminatory Hospital Charges Affecting Romani Mothers

12 November 2018

Budapest 12 November 2018: The Miskolc Regional Court in Hungary has ordered a hospital to cease the practice of charging for mandatory maternity clothing for friends and family members of pregnant mothers. The Court agreed with the European Roma Rights Centre’s arguments that this practice directly discriminates against mothers living in poverty, and indirectly discriminates against Romani mothers who are disproportionately affected and often forced to give birth alone. 

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European Court Rules For Roma in Ukrainian Pogrom

07 November 2018

Strasbourg, Budapest 7 November 2018: A seven-judge Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has unanimously ruled in favour of sixteen Romani people who were the victims of a pogrom in a Ukrainian village in 2002. The Court have awarded the Romani litigants damages amounting to €177,000 in total. The Court found that Ukraine violated the prohibition on inhuman and degrading treatment and the right to respect for private life, family life, and home. These human rights violations, the Court ruled, were racially discriminatory.

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ERRC Wins Access to Justice Award

26 October 2018

Clifford Chance chooses the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) as winner of the Access to Justice Award 2018

Leading international law firm Clifford Chance has named the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) as the eighth winner of its annual Access to Justice Award. The organisation, which is based in Hungary, will receive a £50,000 donation and 500 hours of pro bono support over an 18 month period towards its goal of combatting the racism and human rights abuse of Roma.

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