Roma Rights 1, 2000: Women's rights

12 April 2000

Without equal rights, women’s power is hardly real: it has to be navigated through the crooked labyrinths of existing social behaviours. And its flow will go only as far as the real masters (men) allow. And then, how does women’s cunning stop the hand of an abusive father or spouse? With the disintegration of traditional society, even this limited power of women is gone, because the social metabolism is not any longer so dependent on women’s roles. And once this happens, vindication of rights has become the new historic way in which women can reclaim their status. Lalia stood on the shaking border of traditional and modern patriarchy. How will her daughters make their life choices in the not too distant future? The discussions of this issue of Roma Rights, we hope, are a part of shaping the future roads for Romani women.


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