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Compensation Now: Campaign on Coerced Sterilisation

3 July 2008

This section of the ERRC’s website contains relevant information and links related to the coerced sterilisation of Romani women in Central Europe. Materials for this section have been prepared around a lobbying campaign commencing on 3 July by the Ostrava-based Group of Women Harmed by Sterilisation, the ERRC and the Peacework Development Fund at the 2008 Women’s Worlds Congress in Madrid, Spain. The campaign is supported by the Open Society Institute’s Public Health Program and the Heinrich Boll Stiftung Warsaw. This page includes updates on actions undertaken by the ERRC and in partners, as well as downloadable campaigning materials in English, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak (see below).

Elena Gorolova and Marta Puskova of the Group of Women Harmed by Sterilisation at the Women's Worlds Congress in Madrid.
Photo credit: ERRC


Tell the governments concerned that it is time for action! Support the Romani survivors of coerced sterilisation in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia by sending our postcard or letter.

Advocacy letter in English

Tell us you sent the letter or postcard, or otherwise supported the campaign, and join our online list of supporters by writing us at: compensation.now@errc.org.

For further information, please contact:


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ERRC submission to the European Commission on Roma Inclusion in enlargement countries (May 2017)

25 May 2017

Written comments by the ERRC to the European Commission on enlargement component of the EU Roma Framework.


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Roma Rights 1 2017: Roma and Conflict: Understanding the Impact of War and Political Violence

16 May 2017

The impact of conflict on minority populations merits special attention, especially if those minorities have long been marginalized, viewed by the warring parties with a mixture of ambivalence and contempt, and deemed to be communities of little consequence in the peace-building processes that follow the conclusion of hostilities. This issue of Roma Rights Journal takes a look at the fate of Roma during and after conflicts.

Sometimes Roma have been the direct targets of murderous aggression or subject to reprisals. Then there have been the many times where individual Roma actively took a side, but too often the roles played by Roma, Travellers and other minorities were elided from the dominant national narratives that followed.

In many conflicts, caught between warring groups with no foreign power or military alliance to champion their claims, Roma found themselves displaced, despised and declaimed as bogus refugees, nomads and “mere” economic migrants in the aftermath.

As long as Europe’s largest ethnic minority is written out and rendered invisible in the histories of Europe’s wars and conflicts; and excluded from the politics of reconstruction and peace-making, the continent’s self-understanding will remain fatally flawed.

Editors: Marek Szilvasi, Kieran O’Reilly, Bernard Rorke

Roma Rights 1 2017 (PDF)

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Macron Election Call Out

5 May 2017

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