Roma Denied Access to Public Accommodation in Romania

29 October 2003

In its electronic newsletter No. 12 issued on February 10, 2003, the Bucharest-based Romani organisation Romani CRISS reported that two public places in the city of Botoşani in northeastern Romania refused access to Roma. According to Romani CRISS, a group of Romani and ethnic Romanian young men attempted to enter the establishments, which displayed signs reading "No Roma Allowed" and "We Reserve the Right to Choose our Customers: No Service for Roma". The group was reportedly denied entrance to both places. Employees at the establishments stated that Roma often cause problems, although none of the Roma in the group had ever been involved and one of the members had never been to either place before. Romani CRISS held a press conference following the incidents, publicly denouncing the discriminatory practices of the establishments and filed complaints against the establishments with the National Council for Combatting Discrimination (NCCD). On May 8, 2003, Romani CRISS reported that on April 24, 2003, the NCCD issued a finding of discrimination with regard to the complaints. Casablanca, one of the private firms, was fined 2,000,000 Romanian lei (approximately 50 Euro).

(Romani CRISS)


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