The ERRC practices strategic litigation, meaning we only take cases designed to expose and contribute to the elimination of discriminatory structures that prevent Roma from enjoying full equality. In cases where we are unable to provide legal support, we endeavour to find local legal solutions for victims of rights abuses.

Why doesn’t the ERRC work on social and cultural issues?

The ERRC is first and foremost a human rights law organisation, using strategic litigation to dismantle the discriminatory structures of antigypsyism in Europe. Whilst we engage in advocacy, media and community activities on the ground, our work is always to challenge human rights violations against Romani people.

How does the ERRC carry out its work?

The ERRC seeks to attack racist structures and institutions using a combination of strategic litigation, advocacy (local, national and international), human rights education, and communications and media production. Our in-country monitors, activists, researchers, partners and lawyers help us identify discriminatory systems which deny Roma full equality. We then use a combination of the above mentioned tools to strategically expose these systems of discrimination and eliminate them.

How is the ERRC governed?

The Board of the ERRC is made up of recognised experts in their fields who work on Roma rights issues. It has overall control of appointing the management of the organisation and ensuring the ERRC mission is realised. The Board is presided over by the Board Chair. The ERRC is directed day-to-day by the President who oversees the program activities and direction of the organisation as a whole. Our Managing Director oversees the legal activities of the ERRC.

How can I get an internship at the ERRC?

We post calls for internships, traineeships and jobs on our website, by email to our subscribers, and to our followers on social media. Keep an eye out on these channels for any opportunities that come up at the ERRC. If you have a proposal for special work you would like to carry out with us aside from those we issue a call for, you can send this along with your CV to the relevant staff member for consideration.

Why is the ERRC not working on all human rights violations against Roma?

We work mostly on a national or international level to change structures and practices which serve to oppress Roma. We can’t challenge every single violation against our people. Simply put, we only have so much money and resources, and we try to use these to carry out work that will affect the most long-term change in the lives of Roma in Europe. Our strategy is to look at the bigger picture and directly challenge human rights violations in a way that will help to stop these crimes happening again and again.

Who finances the ERRC’s work?

The ERRC receives the majority of its funding from the Swedish International Development Agency and the European Commission. We are also grateful for project funding and private donations from individuals and organisations across the world. We do not receive funding from state governments or political parties.

How does the ERRC ensure the that the information it produces is accurate?

We rely on a wide network of activists, human rights monitors, lawyers, journalists and partner organisations for accurate information from the field in countries we are active in. The information provided is thoroughly fact checked by experts at the ERRC before it goes to publication. Any information we publish in translation is further checked by experts who are native speakers of that language. If we chose to use information that cannot be corroborated for certain, this is made clear, and the facts and circumstances are laid out. The ERRC’s submissions, reports, news, and training materials are recognised as being a reliable source for Roma Rights issues by journalists, international organisations, NGOs, academics and governments.

Is the ERRC political?

The ERRC is a civil society organisation with no political affiliation. We do not interfere with party politics in the countries we work in, nor do we accept funds from governments or political parties. As a Roma rights organisation, the ERRC is solely concerned with the protection of the human rights of Romani people, and we are not concerned with the political views of the people we fight to protect. Our independence from national politics is evident in our consultative status with the Council of Europe, as well as with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

How does the ERRC protect the privacy and personal data of people it works with?

We have a data protection policy that you can find here. You can check out all our policies in our policy manual

What are the ERRC’s hiring policies? 

You can find our equal opportunities policy in our policy manual.

Does the ERRC have a policy about safeguarding children?

Yes, we have a policy for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. This is very important to us. You can find the policy in our policy manual.

What other policies does the ERRC have?

You can see all of our policies in our policy manual.


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