Marko Stalović – Those beatings haunt me

27 February 2023

In 2017, Marko Stalović reported his car as stolen to the police in Serbia. Instead of investigating the theft, the police assumed he was lying and tortured him for thirteen hours to try and force a confession.

Aleksandar Olenik – People don’t recognize that it’s racism

24 February 2023

Aleksandar Olenik, an attorney from Serbia, explains how racism is rooted in the criminal justice system of his country. How does the prosecutor’s office deal with Romani cases? How effective is the defence lawyer’s service when it comes to a Romani litigant? Has there been any progress over the years? Find out more in the latest interview.

Justice Denied: Former Romani Prisoner from Serbia

23 February 2023

In this interview with a former Romani prisoner from Serbia, he recalls his experience of the discriminatory, confusing, inhuman and traumatizing criminal justice system.

Roma in the Criminal Justice System - Senada Sali and Mustafa Asanovski

16 February 2023

Find out how Roma are denied justice in the criminal justice system of North Macedonia in this video interview with our Legal Director, Senada Sali, and one of our Human Rights Monitors, Mustafa Asanovski.

Fatmir Memedov - I continued because I believed in justice

15 February 2023

Fatmir remembers the day clearly, 10 years ago, when he was in a shop buying diapers for his baby and was brutally attacked by police officers for no reason. The Romani man from North Macedonia, was beaten by the police and subjected to racist abuse as they carried out a police raid on the Roma-majority area where he lived. His legal fight was only just beginning, however. In this video, Fatmir Memedov and his lawyer Keti Jovanova describe how an innocent man can fall victim to a racist criminal justice system, and how he fought for justice.

LGBTIQ Rights are Roma Rights

14 February 2023

On February 2-3, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) held a workshop LGBTIQ Roma from Balkan countries, in Madrid, Spain. The event focused on intersectionality and served as an announcement of the ERRC's intent to work proactively in support of Romani LGBTIQ rights in Europe.

Helena Horváthová: I cannot forget when I was beaten and my children where crying

13 February 2023

Helena Horváthová, a Romani woman from Slovakia, recalls the day she cannot forget: when the police beat her 17-year-old boy, her sister ,and herself. “I cannot forget when I was beaten and my children were crying”, - she remembers, in an interview with the ERRC as part of our new research on how Roma interact with the criminal justice system of Slovakia.


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