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Our Roma Rights Defenders are volunteers who contribute to projects in cooperation with the ERRC. They have access to the latest updates from us about events, cases, open days, training workshops, protests, petitions, internships and job opportunities. In turn, Roma Rights Defenders help us by volunteering their time and skills as part of an international group working on specific volunteering positions recruited by the ERRC.

We are the largest ethnic minority in Europe, and we live in every single European country. We
want to build a network of activists, both Roma and non-Roma, who can mobilise online and on the ground, to challenge racism against our people wherever they see it.

Sign up to put your name down for our next recruitment call. Please note that we will publish calls for volunteers as and when volunteering positions become available, rather than have a rolling volunteer recruitment. This means that we can prioritise volunteer work and make sure that volunteers' precious time is used productively.

Roma Rights Defenders are currently engaged in the following projects, click the links to find out more: 


One of your rights as a Roma Rights Defender is your right to privacy. We respect it by following all the relevant data protection rules. When you fill out this form, it generates an email which gets sent to our colleague Dzavit Berisha (dzavit.berisha@errc.org) who puts your information in a spreadsheet. Dzavit will then use that data to send you any relevant emails with information about our work and other developments in the volunteering programme. You can email Dzavit to unsubscribe, change your preferences, or find out what data we hold about you. Want to know more about our commitment to people’s privacy? Check out our data protection policy.


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