Strategic litigation

We take racists to court. The cases we take across
Europe are designed to expose and eliminate
discriminatory structures that violate
the rights of Roma. We support cases
in domestic and international courts,
as well as before international bodies,
committees and tribunals.



We have legal cases pending in numerous courts in countries all across Europe. Find out more about the cases we currently have pending, or have already concluded in each country.

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Issues we work on

Our legal cases cover a wide range of human rights issues relating to discrimination against Roma in Europe. Find out about the cases we have on specific rights issues affecting Romani communities we work in.

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European Court Cases

Strategic litigation at the ERRC means supporting legal cases designed to expose and contribute to the elimination of discriminatory structures that prevent Roma from enjoying full equality.

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Strategic litigation

The law is powerful. When States discriminate against Roma, they are breaking the laws they agreed to respect. Complaining about discrimination forces police, ministers, judges, and others to change how they act. 

The ERRC works to make it possible for Romani women and men to decide when, where, why, and how to use the power of the law 

  • to expose antigypsyism and the intersectional forms of discrimination that Roma face,
  • to question public bodies that perpetuate antigypsyism, and 
  • to get the courts to expose them and change their behaviour. 

We do everything we can to make it possible for Roma to use the law and the courts this way, for example: 

  • providing legal representation; 
  • intervening in cases to support Romani litigants;
  • taking cases in our own name (on our own or with named Romani litigants) as a Roma-led organisation.

We bring cases to the European Court of Human Rights and ask to intervene in cases already pending there. We want the European Court to recognise the existence and scope of antigypsyism and to push State officials and courts across Europe to respect Romani people’s equality and dignity. 

We are active in both domestic and international litigation. We supports local lawyers in domestic legal proceedings both professionally and financially. When domestic remedies are exhausted, we prepare legal submissions to international tribunals, including the European Court of Human Rights (click on the link above), the European Committee of Social Rights and UN treaty bodies.


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