Punishing Anti-Romani Crimes in Slovakia

07 November 2002

On July 8, 2002, 19-year-old Mr Marian Jurček, 18-year-old Mr Marian Černický ˝ and 18-year-old Mr Marek Němec were sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment by the Skalica District Court in accordance with the Slovak Criminal Code under Article 222 (1 & 2b) for injury to health with a racial motive and Article 202 (1) for assault on a group of citizens or an individual. The sentence followed a complaint, brought by the non-governmental organisation League of Human Rights Advocates with the support of the ERRC, on behalf of Mr Milan Daniel, an 18-year-old Romani man. According to police investigation, on August 10, 2001, between 10:15 PM and 10:45 PM in the town of Holič, in western Slovakia, Mr Jurček, Mr Černický˝ and Mr Němec physically attacked Mr Daniel, who suffered permanent brain damage, as a result of a broken cranium, bleeding of the brain and multiple injuries to his central nervous system. The attack took place on the premises of a primary school on Bernolakova Street, after having mutually conspired to attack a Romani person. Mr Daniel testified to the ERRC/LHRA that he was severely beaten on his head with a baseball bat and iron bars by Mr Jurček, Mr Černický˝ and Mr Němec, and was kicked all over his body until he lost consciousness. During the attack, Mr Daniel reported that the three men shouted "Dirty Nigger! Stinking Gypsy, you will not escape us today." According to Mr Daniel, when he awoke, he walked home, where he again lost consciousness. Mr Daniel's mother, Mrs Danielová, reported that she immediately called the police, who examined the scene of the attack only three days after the incident. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) report of July 11, 2002, Roma in Holič protested against the apparent indifference of the police following the attack and claimed that they are terrorised by skinheads on a daily basis.

(ERRC, League of Human Rights Advocates)


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