United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Reviews the Czech Republic

07 November 2002

On May 17, 2002, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights published its Concluding Observations on the Czech Republic, following consideration of a report submitted by the State Party during the 28th session of the Committee. In its Concluding Observations, the Committee stated:

"12. The Committee is deeply concerned about the high level of discrimination against Roma people in the field of employment, housing and education. In spite of the fact that the State Party acknowledges this fact, the administrative and legislative measures undertaken by the State Party to improve the socio-economic condition of Roma are still insufficient to address the problem. The Committee is also concerned that, despite the affirmative programmes in favour of the Roma undertaken by the State Party, no specific legislation has yet been enacted to outlaw discrimination against Roma. […]

"The Committee urges the State Party, in line with "The Concept of Roma integration" approved by the Government on January 23, 2002, to take all necessary measures, legislative or otherwise, to eliminate discrimination against groups of minorities, in particular Roma. (Article 29) […]

"23. The Committee is deeply concerned about the over-representation of Roma children in so-called "special schools" which are primarily designed for mentally retarded children, resulting in discrimination, substandard education and the stigma of mental disability.

"The Committee urges the State Party to take immediate and effective measures to eliminate discrimination against Roma children by removing them from "special schools" and integrating them into the mainstream of the educational system. (Article 44)."

The full text of the Committee's Concluding Observations



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