Bomb Attack on Roma in Slovenia

01 February 2006

According to an article on June 6, 2005, in the Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik, two Romani women were killed on June 5, 2005, in a hand bomb attack on Dobruškavas, a Romani settlement near Novo Mesto. The victims were 46-year-old Ivanka Brajdic (mother) and 21-year Jovanka Kocevar (daughter). Romani neighbours alleged that the women were not the targets of the bomb and that they died due to a "misunderstanding". Allegedly, the attack was directed against a 38-year-old Romani man from the same settlement, who owed money to a smuggler with weapons. Police stated that they were conducting an intensive criminal investigation into the incident, which they confirmed had taken place. This bombing follows a similar attack that occurred in another Roma settlement near Novo Mesto, Brezje. No one was hurt during the previous attack. As of November 2005, according to ERRC research, police have apprehended suspects and are holding them in custody but have not released further information regarding the details or motives of the crime.

(Dnevnik, ERRC)


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