News Roundup: Snapshots from Around the World

01 February 2006

Albanian Officials Meet to Discuss Strategy Regarding Romani Living Conditions

Austrian Campsite has “No Place for Gypsies”

European Court Affirms Failure to Investigate Racial Motivation Amounts to DiscriminationERRC Prevails in Court against Bulgarian Ministry of Education on School Segregation of Roma
ERRC Wins Anti-discrimination Case against Bulgarian Restaurant
Romani Infant Dies in Fire in Bulgaria after Electricity Cut in Settlement

Investigations into Forced Child Labour in Croatia

Czech Republic
First Court Victory in Central Europe on Coercive Sterilisation of Romani Women
Planned Lowered Welfare Benefits May Harm Unemployed Roma in Czech Republic
Roma Denied Entry to Czech Discotheque
“Guests of Mrs. Scukova” Action Challenges Housing Segregation in Bohumin

Roma Most Frequently Subjected to Racist Assaults

German High Court Rules “Gypsy Jew” Libellous Speech
German State of Rhineland-Palatinate Recognises Roma as National Minority

ECtHR Finds Greece Guilty of Inhuman and Degrading Treatment of Two Romani Men

Racist Game Reappears in Internet After Removal
First Instance Court Upheld Segregated Education
Court Punishes Disco for Denying Entrance to Roma on Racist Grounds

Representative of the UN Secretary General for the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons Expresses Concern over Romani IDPs and Victims of Lead Poisoning
European Roma Rights Centre Presses for Criminal Charges Related to Extreme Harms in Northern Kosovo
Roma Rights in Kosovo: Joint Statement to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Shadow Report submitted to CEDAW on the Situation of Romani Women
Survey Finds Large Number of Un-insured Roma in Macedonia

Police Violence

European Human Rights Court Moves to Redress Romanian Pogrom
Roma Houses Destroyed in Romanian Town of Seica Mare
Town Hall in Southern Transylvania Fined for Violating Roma Rights

Russian Prosecutorial Authorities Decline Investigation of Hate Speech
Women’s Rights Workshop in Volzskhiy

Serbia and Montenegro
Police Brutality Against Roma in Serbia and Montenegro
UN CAT Rules Serbia and Montenegro in Violation of Convention Against Torture
Roma Discriminated Against in Access to Social Services in Serbia and Montenegro
Community Opposition Prevents Temporary Housing for Roma in Belgrade
City of Belgrade Initiates Coordination Centre for the Inclusion of Roma

40 Roma Homeless Following Evictions in Slovakia

Bomb Attack on Roma in Slovenia
UN Human Rights Committee Reviews Slovenia

Health Access for Roma Improves with Award- Winning Programme
Evictions in Valencia

Discrimination against Swedish Roma at Campsites

United Kingdom
Dale Farm Evictions
British Newspaper Report Provokes Complaints of Racism


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