Another Romani Man Shot and Killed in Bulgaria

13 November 2006

According to a report by the Bulgarian Romani organisation Romani Baht Foundation (RBF) of 4 May 2006, at around 3:30 PM on 3 May 2006 an approximately 60-year-old Bulgarian man shot and killed Mr Radoslav Assenov Marinov, a 20-year-old Romani, in the Fakulteta Romani neighbourhood in Sofia. RBF reported that Mr Marinov was gathering rubbish with his horse and cart on the day in question with two 16- year-old Romani boys. The three men were passing 652 Street in the Ovcha Kupel neighbourhood near Fakulteta when the elderly Bulgarian man appeared. Without reason, the Bulgarian man shot Mr Marinov in the back, killing him, according to RBF.

RBF, which is providing legal representation in the case, reported that a police investigation was underway in the case. RBF believed that the Bulgarian man was a former employee of the Ministry of Interior Affairs or Ministry of the National Defence.

(Romani Baht Foundation)


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