Racially Motivated Attack against Croatian Roma

13 November 2006

According to ERRC research, conducted in partnership with the Zagreb-based Croatian Law Centre (CLC), at around 10:00 PM on 25 May 2006, a group of approximately 20 young men attacked Mr Nebojsa Petrovic, a Romani man, in the eastern Croatian town of Darda. Mr Petrovic testified to the ERRC/CLC that his attackers cursed his Gypsy mother as they beat him. As a result, Mr Petrovic's two front teeth were knocked out, two were cracked and four were loosened. He also sustained numerous haematomas all over his body. Mr Petrovic eventually escaped and called the police at around 10:30 PM. The police reportedly arrived at 11:47 and Mr Petrovic proceeded to make an incident report. The police assured Mr Petrovic that they would investigate the case. Mr Petrovic then sought medical treatment for his injuries and attained medical records. In September 2006, the ERRC, together with a local lawyer, assumed legal representation of Mr Petrovic.



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