Bus Driver Physically Assaults Romani Boys in Serbia and Montenegro

13 November 2006

According to a report by the Belgrade-based radio station B92 of 10 May 2006, earlier that day in Belgrade, a bus driver physically assaulted two 12-year-old Romani boys. B92 reported that the bus driver, from the company Laste, stopped his bus in front of city bus 704 at the Hotel Yugoslavia, got out and entered bus 704. There, according to witness statements to B92, the bus driver proceeded to slap two Romani boys repeatedly while swearing at them. B92 reported that, at this point, the Romani boys began to cry.

After B92 reported the incident, the director of Laste, Mr Pavle Obradović, called the station denouncing the behaviour of the bus driver and promised to investigate the allegations.



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