10 July 2002

April 3-27: Taught a course at Washington College of Law University on " Roma Rights in Central and Eastern Europe", Washington, D.C., USA.

April 10-11: Organised a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal on Human Rights Law and Practice in International and Domestic Courts with the Portuguese Trial Lawyers Association.

April 22-23: Hosted a workshop in Uzhorod, Ukraine on Setting up an Inter-Ukrainian Association of Lawyers and Human Rights Activists with the organisation Romani Yag.

April 23-25: Attended the OSCE Human Dimension conference in Warsaw, Poland.

April 25-27: Participated in workshop on Implementing European Anti-Discrimination Law in Prague, Czech Republic organised by the ERRC, Migration Policy Group, and Interights.

May 1-3: Participated in the Romani World Congress in ŁódĹş, Poland.

May 8-10: Participated in the United Nations Special Session on Children in New York.

May 11-12: Attended the New Tactics in Human Rights conference in Istanbul, Turkey, organised by the Center for Victims of Torture, in cooperation with the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly in Turkey and ICAR, Romania.

May 20: Attended a conference hosted by Institute for International Assistance and Solidarity on the integration of Romani children in Europe in Bonn, Germany.

May 24-25: Attended the Consortium of Minority Resources General Assembly, Budapest, Hungary.

May 28: Gave a presentation on the influence of the European Union accession process on the situation of Roma at a seminar held by the Centre for Eastern Studies, Warsaw, Poland.

May 30: Held a training workshop on anti-discrimination law policy in the framework of a programme of the Human Rights Students Initiative of The Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

June 6-8: Participated in an International Roundtable on Housing and Settlements Rights for the Roma and Sinti: Combating Social Exclusion and Alleviating Tensions in the OSCE Human Dimension Framework, Prešov, Slovakia.

June 7-8: Organized a workshop on Human Rights Litigation – Law and Practice in International and Domestic Courts, in cooperation with the non-governmental organisation Aven Amentza, Bucharest, Romania.

June 11: Attended a meeting of Hungarian non-governmental organisations with the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, Budapest, Hungary.

June 11-13: Attended a seminar organised by the Council of Europe and the Yugoslav Ministry of Justice focusing on the Yugoslav draft Anti-Discrimination law, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

June 13: Attended a workshop on Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination Litigation organised by the Counselling Centre for Citizenship, Civil and Human Rights, Prague, Czech Republic.

June 13: Held a training workshop on the link between research and policy in the framework of a programme of the Human Rights Students Initiative of the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

June 14: Organised the visit of the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner into a Romani district and a meeting with Roma leaders in Hungary in cooperation with the Open Society Institute – Roma Participation Program.


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