News roundup: Snapshots from around Europe

10 July 2002

The pages that follow include Roma rights news and recent developments in the following areas:

Racist Assaults on Roma in Bulgaria 
Romani Youth Shot by Police Officer in Bulgaria 
European Court of Human Rights Rules Against Bulgaria in Police Abuse Case

Local Authorities Provide Inadequate Housing to Roma in Croatia 
International Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Reviews Croatia

Czech Republic
Legal Defence of Roma in Czech Republic

Travellers Law not Enforced in France

UNHCR Warns Against Forced Expulsion of Kosovo Roma Refugees from Germany

First Ever Conviction of a Greek Policeman for Abuse of Roma 
Low Romani Attendance in Greek Schools 
Roma Suffer Discrimination in Access to Health Care in Greece 
Roma Refused Registration in Municipal Rolls in Greece 
Greek Ombudsman Pressures Authorities to Act

Ombudsman Finds Discrimination against Roma in Education in Hungary 
Romani Activist Sues Government Official in Hungary 
In Hungary, Roma Self-Government Moves Office to Dump in Protest 
Roma in the Hungarian Elections 
More Evictions of Roma in Hungary

Killings of Roma in Italy 
Romani Couple Imprisoned and Child Removed from their Care in Italy 
Proposed Police State in Romani Camps in Italy 
European Commission against Racism and Intolerance Publishes Report on Italy

Roma, Ashkalija and Egyptians Face Serious Protection Problems in Kosovo

Romani Man Shot in Macedonia

Rights Abuses against Roma in Moldova 
International Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Releases Concluding Observations on Moldova

Collective Expulsion of Roma from Portugal

Roma Expelled from Romanian Capital 
Roma Denied Access to Social Services in Romania 
Attacks on Roma in Romania 
Racist Propaganda in Romania 
European Commission on Racism and Intolerance Reports on Romania

Suspicious Death of a Romani Woman in a Russian Police Station 
Anti-Romani Violence in Southern Russia 
Police Action

Serbia and Montenegro
Evictions of Kosovo Roma in Serbia and Montenegro 
Police Abuse in Serbia and Montenegro 
Civilian Violence Against Roma in Serbia 
Roma in Serbia Cannot Access the Social Welfare System

Romani Journalist Charged for Accusing Slovak Officer of Racism 
Police Brutality in Slovakia


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