Migration #piripnasko

One particularly common feature of antigypsyism is the propagation of panic around the migration of Roma. Roma who are not EU citizens are subject to various racist control measures, including racial profiling by border guards of their own countries who stop them from leaving. Roma who are EU citizens and who have exercised their right to move within the Union are victims of violations of their EU law rights and of other rights; these violations are designed to drive Roma out of the country. Romani children suffer, for example, because they are either not allowed to enrol in school when outside their country of underlying nationality, or because the education they completed is not recognised when they move or return to their country of underlying nationality. To give another example, Romani women who move are subjected to stereotypes about human trafficking or early marriage, without their situation being objectively assessed and their rights respected.

We support cases that forced border guards from racially profiling Roma and that force authorities to treat Roma equally regardless of their residence status.


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