Katarína Kuruová – I have seen similar incidents happened before

09 February 2023

What happens when someone calls the police on Roma? In Katarína's family's case: beating, humiliation, torture, and broken bones. In 2019, Slovak police entered her home and physically assaulted her and her family members, as well as taking her nephew to the police station where they were beaten.

Michal Zálešák about Moldava nad Bodvou case

09 February 2023

Since 2013, the brutal police raid on Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia, has shattered the sense of security and justice for the Romani community there.

Milan Hudák: We felt like it was in World War II

06 February 2023

Milan Hudák is a Romani man from Slovakia. In this moving interview he recounts the brutal, 2013 police raid on a Romani neigbourhood in Moldava nad Bodvou. The police beat him and subjected him to electroshocks.

Miroslav Brož: Roma in Czech Republic are discriminated against in every field

02 February 2023

Join us as we continue our video series on Roma in the Criminal Justice System. In this interview Miroslav Brož, a Romani activist from the Czech Republic, talks about discrimination and police violence in his country. He has dedicated his work to tackling police brutality cases including the infamous and widely protested case of Stanislav Tomaš, who lost his life after police intervention in the summer of 2021.

Roma in the Criminal Justice System - Czech Republic

01 February 2023

Jozef Miker is a Romani man from the Czech Republic. His son and wife were beaten by the police when one night a patrol stopped by their neighbourhood because the music was too loud at a party. Watch the video by Vojin Ivkov.

‘Baruvas’ - We are growing

26 January 2023

Roma Rights Defenders are volunteering with the ERRC and Romea to challenge digital antigypsyism in the Czech Republic.

War in Ukraine and the impact on human rights and Roma

09 January 2023

As Europe opened its arms to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Roma seeking safety often did not receive a warm welcome from state authorities. In November, the ERRC Roma Rights Network discussed responses to wartime antigypsyism at its first meeting in Athens.


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