We Will Be Heard: 20 Years of the ERRC

25 April 2017

7 Things You Should Know About Roma People

08 April 2017

World Water Day: Thirsting for Justice

22 March 2017

On World Water Day, ERRC staff explain how the lack of access to water for Roma in Europe is a matter of ethnic discrimination.

ERRC Celebrates International Women's Day

08 March 2017

In celebration of this day we made a video in which we asked some of the ERRC women and men what this day means to them. It is a true honour to have people like this on our team, fighting for Roma Rights and  Womens Rights. Let us continue fighting for justice and equality.

ERRC interviews Özcan Purçu, Romani MP in Turkey

10 February 2017

In November 2016, the ERRC visited Ankara to participate in a meeting on the drafting of a new Turkish National Roma Integration Strategy document. While we were there we met with Özcan Purçu, Turkey’s only Romani MP, to discuss issues facing Roma in Turkey and his own experiences growing up there.

Justice for the Kosovo Victims of Lead Poisoning! #UNJustToRoma

30 August 2016

The European Roma Rights Centre is demanding the Secretary-General of the United Nations compensate the Roma, Ashkali & Balkan Egyptians exposed to lead poisoning in Mitrovica, Kosovo, in line with a finding by the UN Human Rights Advisory Panel that the UN was legally responsible for what happened.

Ðorđe Jovanović on Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

04 August 2016

In commemoration of Roma Genocide Remembrance, ERRC President Ðorđe Jovanović shares his family’s experience of the Pharrajimos, and how the litigation and advocacy work of the ERRC is as important now as it ever has been in ensuring the lessons of World War Two are not forgotten.


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