Training Opportunity for Organisations Supporting Roma and Travellers

08 July 2024

For the second year, we are pleased to announce an open call for participation in an initiative aimed at dismantling discriminatory structures that violate the rights of Roma and Traveller communities. This project, leveraging the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC)'s extensive experience in litigation, advocacy, and action research, seeks to drive social change by empowering civil society organisations supporting Roma and Travellers. The focus is on both capacity-building and fostering a deep understanding of the Council of Europe's standards and mechanisms to advance Roma and Traveller rights.

Project Overview:

This initiative is designed to equip Roma and Traveller-supporting civil society organisations with the expertise and skills needed to engage more effectively with the Council of Europe standards and monitoring mechanisms.

Our comprehensive support system aims to enhance organisations' knowledge and understanding, enabling them to advocate for and protect the rights and inclusion of Roma and Travellers more effectively. By doing so, we strive to build resilient communities capable of navigating the complex landscape of rights and legal protections.

Why Participate?

Through this initiative, your organisation will be at the forefront of driving social change and advancing the rights of Roma and Travellers. Collaborating with dedicated organisations across Europe, you will become part of a network committed to dismantling discriminatory structures and promoting inclusivity. This partnership will open doors to joint projects, advocacy campaigns, and coordinated actions, ultimately leading to tangible improvements in the protection and promotion of Roma and Traveller rights.

Our training will provide participant organisations with:

  • Knowledge & expertise on the Council of Europe standards and monitoring mechanisms relevant to Roma and Traveller inclusion.
  • Technical assistance to effectively utilise Council of Europe standards and mechanisms, with an emphasis on implementing judgments.
  • Guidance on engaging with human rights monitoring bodies, such as ECRI, the Advisory Committee on FCNM, CPT, and the Human Rights Commissioner.
  • Opportunities for tailored mentoring and coaching to address specific organisational needs and contexts.
  • Collaborative preparation and discussion of briefings during the 18th Meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society organisations. An opportunity to travel to Strasbourg with all expenses covered, where participants can network with other organisations and engage directly with Council of Europe experts, receiving personalised counselling and advice.

The project will include:

  • Online Training Sessions: Collective sessions to deepen understanding of Council of Europe standards and mechanisms.
  • Bilateral Online Coaching Sessions: Customised coaching for each organisation, covering communication capabilities, organisational strategies, and socio-political contexts.
  • Coordination of Briefings: Preparation and discussion of briefings by Roma and Traveller CSOs during the 18th Meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue.
  • Mentoring Scheme: Establishment of a mentoring scheme focused on the Council of Europe standards and mechanisms.
  • Technical Assistance: Ongoing support for effectively using Council of Europe standards and mechanisms, including input provision to relevant bodies and sharing of best practices.

Upon completion of the training, the Roma and Traveller civil society organisations can expect to have:

  • Enhanced expertise and knowledge regarding the Council of Europe’s standards and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Strengthened capacity for informed advocacy, improved compliance with human rights standards, and better protection of Roma and Traveller rights.
  • Sustainable institutional capacity building through continuous training and mentorship programs.
  • Establishment of strong networks and alliances among Roma and Traveller civil society organisations for ongoing resource exchange and support.

Who Can Apply?

Organisations focused on protecting the rights of Roma and Traveller communities are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to organisations with experience in monitoring and reporting on human rights situations, and a demonstrated commitment to capacity-building and communication efforts.

Application Process:

If your organisation is interested in participating, please send an email to by 23:59 on Tuesday 23 July 2024 with the following information:

  • A brief description of your organisation: its goals, activities, scope, and country or region.
  • A statement (of no more than 500 words) explaining your interest in joining the initiative.

Only the selected applicants will receive a response. Final decisions will be made by the project's management and communicated to applicants.

All travel expenses for the trip to Strasbourg will be covered. We are committed to facilitating your involvement and ensuring that your dedication to advancing Roma and Traveller rights is both acknowledged and supported.

All training will be facilitated by the ERRC.

Join us in this critical initiative to drive social change and protect the rights of Roma and Traveller communities across Europe.

This project is funded by the Council of Europe.


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