Activities - November 1996-March 1997

10 April 1997


January 27, 1997: The ERRC published the Country Series report Time of the Skinheads: Denial and Exclusion of Roma in Slovakia

Campaigning for Roma rights:

November 6 1996: Joint ERRC/Roma National Congress press conference to protest deportations of Bosnian Roma by the German government, Hamburg, Germany.

November 11, 1996: The ERRC sent a delegation to the OSCE Review Conference in Vienna, Austria.

November 25, 1996: The ERRC addressed concerns over doubtful information presented by the Romanian delegation to the OSCE Review Conference in Vienna in a letter to the General Prosecutor of Romania.

December 3, 1996: The ERRC sent a letter to the Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria calling for full investigation into the shooting death of Ms. Petra Anguelova Stoyanova by railroad station guards in Rakovski, District Shumen, on September 12, 1996.

December 13, 1996: The ERRC sent a letter to the Norwegian government protesting the deportation of 170 Polish Roma to Poland.

February 5, 1997: The ERRC expressed concerns in connection with five cases of human rights violations against Roma in Albania to the Albanian General Prosecutor.

February 14, 1997: The ERRC gave a public press conference in co-ordination with the Legal Defence Bureau for Ethnic Minorities in Slovakia and the Nevipe Foundation, to announce publication of the ERRC report Time of the Skinheads: Denial and Exclusion of Roma in Slovakia.

February 1997: ERRC Executive Director Dimitrina Petrova gave a series of talks at Reed College, the Northwestern School of Law, and the Oregon Academy of Sciences, Oregon, USA, on Eastern Europe, public interest law, and Roma rights issues.

March 21, 1997: The ERRC sent a letter to the General Prosecutor of Hungary expressing concern over an incident of police brutality in the western Hungarian town of Szombathely.

Conferences and Meetings:

November 26-30, 1996: The ERRC attended a Council of Europe study session for persons involved in legal assistance to Roma, Strasbourg, France.

January 8-12, 1997: The ERRC participated in the UNITED conference, "Solidarity with Minorities Cooperation Against Nationalism and Racism", Bratislava, Slovakia.

January 11-14, 1997: The ERRC hosted a symposium on the Legal Defence of the Rights of Roma, Budapest, Hungary.

March 21-22, 1997: The ERRC attended a conference on the Prevention of Violence and Discrimination Against Roma in Central and Eastern Europe, organised by Romani CRISS and sponsored by the Council of Europe, the Project on Ethnic Relations and the Romanian government, Bucharest, Romania.

March 21-23, 1997: The ERRC hosted the first in a series of human rights training seminars intended to assist local activists advocate on behalf of Roma and familiarise themselves with pertinent domestic legislation, Budapest, Hungary.


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