Hungarian Romani Woman Gives Birth in Hospital Toilet

11 March 2005

On September 8, 2004, Ms Ildiko Lakátos, a Hungarian Romani woman, gave birth to her daughter in the toilet of the hospital in the central Hungarian town of Karcag, according to the Hungarian national daily newspaper Népszabadság of September 21, 2004. Népszabadság reported that Ms Lakátos was left alone in the hospital during two and a half hours of contractions. At this time, Ms Lakátos went to the toilet and, in response to the pain, began to push and gave birth to her daughter. When she returned to her room, according to Népszabadság, the doctor laughed at her. Ms Lakátos filed a complaint with Mr József Zsembeli, the hospital's director, against the doctor, claiming that she believed she had not been given proper treatment as a result of discrimination. On October 12, 2004, the Hungarian national daily newspaper Magyar Hírlap reported that Mr Zsembeli found the medical staff to have acted in accordance with their duties and therefore had dismissed Ms Lakátos's complaint.

(Magyar Hírlap, Népszabadság)


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