Police Inactivity over Destroyed Houses in the Netherlands

12 October 1996

Roma National Congress (Hamburg) reported on September 8, 1996, that according to statements made by the Dutch police, they have had no success in finding the person or persons who demolished an empty house in Utrecht which had been planned for a Romani family. Persons from the surrounding neighborhood damaged the front and internal walls of the building, thus obviating the possibility of it being rented out to a Romani couple with two small children who had been interested in the house. Individuals from the neighborhood interviewed by the press claimed that Roma disturb the peace.

Although several of these people gave their names to the press and claimed to have known in advance about the planned destruction, the police have stated that they do not plan to take any action. police spokesman Joop Servaas said the lack of convincing legal testimony and concrete evidence has hampered the investigation. A police spokesman from Utrecht said that in the past few years, buildings have often been damaged to prevent unwanted tenants and especially foreigners from renting them.


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