Racially motivated attacks on Traveller homes in Northern Ireland

07 December 1999

The Irish News reported on September 15, 1999, that there had been an increase in the number of racist attacks directed at Travellers in Newry in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The attacks are reportedly designed to prevent families from settling in housing estates in the town. According to the article, council houses earmarked for Travellers have been the sight of offensive graffiti and some houses have been set on fire to prevent Travellers from moving in. There were no reported injuries as the houses had not yet been occupied. There have also been increasing reports of harassment and threats from the local settled population, but there have been no reported injuries. The Travellers that have been victims of these attacks have been offered alternative housing by local authorities, but there have reportedly been no arrests made in connection with the attacks.

(Irish News)


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