Roma Rights 3-4, 2002: Segregation and Desegregation

07 November 2002

Roma Rights 3-4/2002 addresses issues pertaining to segregation and desegregation of Roma in Europe.

Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of the ERRC, expressed the ERRC's position in the edition's editorial: "We see segregation as an obstacle to accessing rights and we fight to remove it. ...School desegregation in the view of the ERRC is the first step and the backbone of Romani integration. Without it, school success in a ghetto school is inadequate once the child is out in the larger world, competing with non-Roma for university placements or for jobs. Even if the receiving school proves to be a hostile environment for children, ERRC is opposed to any improvement of ghetto schools and insists that these have to be abolished in a short period of time not exceeding five to seven years. Eliminating the current educational disadvantage of the Roma created by segregated schooling must in our view be addressed as a matter of urgency. We do not believe in teaching tolerance first and applying the knowledge only after the lesson is learned. Societies as well as individuals will not learn to be more tolerant before they start to act as if they are. The best project of ethnic tolerance training is the lived experience of the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and policies."



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