Romani Job-Seekers Discriminated Against

16 December 2004

When applying for a job at Pro-Terminal, a Budapest-based security company, Mr Zsolt Zsiga, a Romani man from Budapest, and his friend, were told "we do not employ anyone above 50 years or Roma", reportedly because of "superior orders", according to a report of the Budapest-based Roma Press Center (RSK). Pro-Terminal provides security services to the supermarket chain Tesco. Mr Zsiga maintains that the two, who appeared for interviews with all the necessary documents and met all the requirements, were told they would be informed whether or not they would hired later that afternoon, RSK reported; however, no one called. The following day, Mr Zsiga called Pro-Terminal and was informed of the so-called "superior order".

The RSK spoke with Mr György Tóth, the Pro-Terminal employee conducting interviews for the positions, who stated that he had not interviewed Mr Zsiga and his friend and, indeed, had not met them until after they made allegations of discrimination. According to Mr Tóth, there are no regulations prohibiting Roma from accessing employment at the company. However, according to the RSK, another Hungarian news agency had obtained a voice recording in which a Pro-Terminal employee states the company does not hire Roma. Mr Zsiga reportedly approached the Budapest-based Legal Defence Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities (NEKI), which will provide legal representation in the case.



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