Serbian Teacher Verbally Assaults Romani Girl

29 July 2004

According to her testimony to the ERRC, working in partnership with the Belgrade-based non-gov-ernmental organisation Minority Rights Center (MRC), Radmila Daniloviæ, a 10-year-old Romani girl from the southern Serbian city of Niš was verbally assaulted by her teacher in March 2004. Ms Snezana Goluboviæ, Radmila's teacher, reportedly stated, "You Gypsies don't earn anything and don't know anything", when Radmila failed to solve a math-ematic equation along with the rest of her class. Radmila told the ERRC/MRC that she was considering not going to school anymore because Ms Goluboviæ has ver-bally assaulted her in similar manners on numerous occasions. (ERRC, MRC)


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