Turkish Lawmakers Amend Racist Law

18 May 2007

According to research by the ERRC and partner organisation Helsinki Citizen's Assembly (hCA), in mid-September the Turkish Grand National Assembly approved an amendment to the 1934 Turkish Law of Settlement. The amendment sees the change of Article 4 of the law, which stated "A) Those who are not attached to Turkish culture; B) Anarchists; C) Spies; C) Itinerant gypsies; and D) Persons deported; shall not be accepted as immigrants into Turkey."

The amended article contains no direct reference to members of the Romani ethnic minority, stating "Foreigners who are not from Turkish descent and who are not attached to Turkish culture; those who have been deported even though they are from Turkish descent and they are attached to Turkish culture; and those who are not welcomed to Turkey for security reasons shall not be accepted as immigrants in Turkey."

The amendment is the culmination of long efforts by non-governmental organisations and Member of Parliament Enis Tutuncu who proposed the amendment in February 2006.



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