Submission to the European Commission Concerning the EU consultation on the National Roma Strategic Framework and their implementation

16 February 2024

Written Comments by the European Roma Rights Centre to the European Commission concerning the EU consultation on the National Roma strategic framework and their implementation.

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Moving On: Access to Sport for Roma, Sinti, & Travellers in Europe

13 February 2024

Sport is often framed as a tool of public health policy in Europe. It is also lauded for its ability overcome cultural and class barriers to promote understanding and tolerance between players of varied backgrounds. However, such things are rarely envisaged when it comes to national or European policy for Romani and Traveller people.

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Prosecuting Digital Antigypsyism: A Policy Guide for the Czech Republic

24 January 2024

This is a practical set of policy recommendations aimed at public representatives working in the Ministry of Interior, law enforcement agencies, and public prosecutors to better address online hate speech against Roma.

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Challenging Digital Antigypsyism in the Czech Republic

24 January 2024

This report explores the state of online hate speech in the Czech Republic through the ERRC’s innovative, volunteer-led Challenging Digital Antigypsyism programme which tackles online hate through monitoring, reporting, and legal action.

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Promising Change: Romani Children in State Care in North Macedonia

09 November 2023

This report details the challenges and progress made by the North Macedonian Government with regards to Romani children in state care since its launch of the National Strategy on Deinstitutionalisation 2018–2027.

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ERRC submission to UN CERD on Bulgaria (October 2023)

27 October 2023

Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) concerning Bulgaria for consideration by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), at its 111th Session (20 November – 8 December 2023).

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In Time of War: Romani Children in State Care in Ukraine

31 August 2023

This report details problems in the Ukrainian state care system for Romani children, both before and after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation in February 2022. The research was based on research conducted by the ERRC which includes a series of interviews with Romani families, civil society activists, and representatives of children’s services, as well as high-ranking officials.

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