European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

Strategic litigation at the ERRC means supporting legal cases designed to expose and contribute to the elimination of discriminatory structures that prevent Roma from enjoying full equality.

The ERRC has lodged numerous cases against European countries with the Court. ERRC litigation has resulted in positive judgments relating to discrimination against Roma on a broad range of issues covered by the Convention, including police abuse, violence by non-state actors, education and housing.

Through its strategic litigation and landmark cases the ERRC has contributed the development of the Court’s jurisprudence regarding Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits discrimination in relation to substantive articles included in the Convention.

The most significant cases brought by the ERRC to date include Moldovan and Others v Romania, Secic v Croatia and D.H. and Others v the Czech Republic.

For general information see the website of the European Court of Human Rights; or visit HUDOC for case law.

Case law

X and Y v Macedonia (pending)
Dimović and others v Serbia (third party intervention, pending) 
L.F. v Hungary (third party intervention, pending)
Levakovic v Denmark (third party intervention, pending)
Cazacliu and others v Romania (2017)
Memet and others v Romania (pending)
Lakatošová and Lakatoš v Slovakia (pending)
Pastrama v Ukraine (third-party intervention, pending)
Bekir and others v Macedonia (pending)
Kósa v Hungary (third-party intervention, 2017)
Aydarov and others v Bulgaria (third-party intervention, pending)
Magyar Jeti Zrt v Hungary (third-party intervention, pending)
Lacatus v Switzerland (third-party intervention, pending)
Hysenaj v Albania (third-party intervention, pending)
Alković v Montenegro (third-party intervention, 2017)
Burlya v Ukraine (pending)
Petrache and Tranca v Italy (2016)
Bagdonavicius and others v Russia (third party intervention, 2016)
Negrea and others v Romania (pending)
Lingurar v Romania (third party intervention, pending)
Madĕrová v Czech Republic (third party intervention, pending)
Hudorovic and others v Slovenia (third party intervention, pending)
Lupu v Romania (third party intervention, 2015)
Eminov v the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (friendly settlement, 2017)
G.H. v Hungary (2015)
Dimitrova and others v Bulgaria (third party intervention, 2017) 
Cioban v Romania (third party intervention, pending) 
Hirtu and Others v France (pending) 
Balázs v Hungary and Two Other Cases (third party intervention, pending)
Fogarasi and others v Romania (third party intervention, 2017)
Winterstein and Others v France (third party intervention, 2013)
Vona v Hungary (third party intervention, 2013)
Horváth and Kiss v Hungary (2013)
Fedorchenko and Lozenko v Ukraine (2012)
Borbála Kiss v Hungary (2012)
Koky and Others v Slovakia (2012)
Kleyn and Aleksandrovich v Russia (2012)
Carabulea v Romania (2010)
Sashov v Bulgaria (2010)
Orsus and Others v Croatia (2009)
Stoica v Romania (2008)
Jasar v the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2007)
D.H. and Others v the Czech Republic (2007)
Šečić v Croatia (2007)
Moldovan and Others v Romania  (2005)
Nachova and Others v Bulgaria (2005)
Bekos and Koutropoulos v Greece (2005)
Balogh v Hungary (2004)
Connors v the United Kingdom (2004)
G.B. v Bulgaria (2004)
Anguelova v Bulgaria (2002)
Conka v Belgium (2002)
Velikova v Bulgaria (2000)
Assenov v Bulgaria (1998)
Chapman v the United Kingdom (2001)


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