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Strategic Litigation

Strategic litigation at the ERRC means supporting legal cases designed to expose and contribute to the elimination of discriminatory structures that prevent Roma from enjoying full equality. We are active in both domestic and international courts as well as making submissions to international tribunals, European committees and UN treaty bodies.


We work at a national and international level to ensure that human rights issues facing Romani communities in Europe are firmly on the political agenda. We provide reliable data on the human rights situation of Roma in the form of reports, submissions, and articles to inform international bodies and committees, as well as our own litigation work.


05 December 2000

The penumbra of race

05 December 2000

The denial of racism

05 December 2000


05 September 1999

How young Roma live

10 September 1998


10 September 1998

Czech walls

10 September 1998

On representation

07 November 1997


Using our European network and in-country activists, we publish accurate news about human rights violations against Romani people which are often untold, or silenced, by governments and media. We make it clear that legal action can, and will, be taken to end this injustice.

School Segregation Map

01 December 2015


05 October 2005

So si diskriminacija

04 September 2001

How young Roma live

10 September 1998


10 September 1998

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